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Do you have a waiting list?

We offer a wide range of classes throughout the week. Sometimes classes will operate with a waiting list.

How will I know when my child has a place?

A member of our administration team will email you confirming when your child has been allocated a space, their start date and information about their first session

I registered my child at birth, can you guarantee a space when they turn 3?

We are not able to predict whether a space will be available until your child is due to turn 3, please contact a member of our administration team shortly before your child’s birthday in order to discuss availability further

General Class Information

Can my child wear socks?

We ask children to train barefoot as this reduces the chance of slipping on equipment. If your child needs to wear socks then we would recommend socks with grips on the bottom.​

My child has their ears pierced, what should I do?

Earrings must be removed where possible or covered with plasters.

Can I buy Earls Merchandise?

We have a range of Earls Gymnastics Merchandise. You are able to see samples at both centres. Merchandise can be ordered via our administration team.

What happens when you cancel a class?

We endeavour to run classes as per our schedule. On the rare occasion we have to cancel a class we will in the first instance offer a class at the other centre.  

Can my child do more than one class?

​You’re welcome to enter your child in to more than one class, please speak to a member of the administration team for class availability

Can I pay with childcare vouchers?

We do not accept childcare vouchers.

Are there many boys in the class?

Our classes are open to both boys and girls. If you are concerned with the dynamics of the group then please contact a member of the admin team.

Do you offer sibling discount?

​Our classes are competitively priced and as such we do not offer a reduction on prices.

Attending Class

What will my child do during their class?

Children attending school years gymnastics classes will take part in a 10-15 warm up including stretches. This ensures the children are ready for their class and reduces the risk of injury. Gymnasts will be split in to ability groups and take part in activities on a rotational basis.

My child can’t attend, what should I do?

​Where possible please let us know that your child is unable to attend their session. This allows us to monitor our ratios and forward plan coaching resources. Please do not send your child to gymnastics if they are unwell or have obtained an injury outside of classes.

My child has a nut allergy... Are you nut free?

​Any food products available to purchase at both our centres are nut free. Although we try our best to keep the premises nut free, as we are open to the public, we cannot guarantee that we are always completely nut free.

Mini Gym

My child has never been away from me, can I come into the gym?

We understand that for many young children this is the first experience of doing a class without their parents. Our Coaches will be on hand to make your child comfortable and happy during their session. Please do not enter the gym area.

My child is about to turn 5, what happens now?

Please speak to a member of our administration team who will be able to inform you of our school years class availability.

Who is Earl Bear?

All Junior Gym classes have a class bear called Earl. Earl is used as a way to reward gymnasts for working hard, improving skills, being kind and listening well. If your child is picked as star of the week Earl will come home with your child for a week. We encourage children to take pictures or create artwork for our board and so that they can share their adventures at the start of the next class.

Adult Classes

What is the age range for an adult class?

Adult Gymnastics is for 16 years and over.

What is the structure of an adult class?

Suitable for both beginners and more advanced performers, our adult classes include a warm up, followed by supervised free time to pursue your own individual goals.

Coaches are on hand to provide advice and support whenever required.


Do you do assessments?

All our gymnasts are working towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme. They take part in regular assessments within their usual class. When a child has passed a badge they will be informed by their coach.

How does my child get assessed?

Gymnasts get assessed during their normal classes. It’s a rolling assessment so children in the same class may be working on different badges.

My child has been awarded their first badge, how do I collect this?

Please come to see a member of our administration team the following week. For more information visit our proficiency awards page

My child has done gymnastics before and has achieved some badges, can he/she skip some stages at Earls?

​When transferring over to our Club please bring your British Gymnastic Certificates with you. Our Coaches will still assess all new gymnasts in order to put them in the correct ability group.


How does a child get selected for squad?

​Your child will be invited for a Squad Trial if senior coaches feel your child shows potential for elite level gymnastics and is the appropriate age.


My child no longer wants to do gymnastics, how to do I hand in our notice?

We are always sad to see our gymnasts leave and would love the chance to discuss this with you. If you child still wishes to leave please send us an email before the 18th of the month to avoid further charges.


Do you have Welfare officers?

All our Coaches have Safeguarding qualifications. We also have specially trained Welfare Officers. If you would like to speak to someone in confidence or are concerned by something you have seen please contact our Welfare Team via

I’d like to make a complaint, what should I do?

Complaints can be made in writing via

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