What to expect in our classes Inside Earls Gymnastics


All of our classes are packed full of activities to challenge and inspire all of our gymnasts - whether they are just starting or have been training for years.

As well as working on gymnastics related skills, our programme ensures that all gymnasts regularly work on developing their balance, strength, agility, power, flexibility and co-ordination, in a fun, challenging and rewarding environment.  


At Earls Gymnastics we also encourage all of our gymnasts to work towards achieving British Gymnastics proficiency badges, two assessment for these awards take every 6 weeks.

Our gymnasts also have the opportunity to participate in internal floor and vault competitions, while our advanced competition classes can compete both internally and external competitions.


Typical activities at Earls Gymnastics


During a typical 1 hour weekly session gymnasts work in groups as they move through a variety of activities.  Each activity is designed to condition, strengthen or develop a specific muscle group or set of skills.  

* Please note - our Junior Gym classes follow a slightly different structure.



Pulse raising warm up delivered in differing styles warmups, races, games


Work on increasing each gymnast’s general range of movement with emphasis on correct technique for splits, japana, bridges


Developing strength and control throughout all muscle groups.


Gymnasts work on the sprung floor area using progressions and specific equipment to learn and develop new skills.


Gymnasts work on the vault using progressions and specific equipment to learn and develop new skills.


Muscle conditioning with a focus on plyometrics. Plyometrics is a method of training muscle elastic strength and explosiveness to enhance athletic performance


Swings, upward circles jumping from different heights of bar and developing upper body strength 


Developing balance through one-foot balancing, handstands, headstands and much more.


Using trampolines, fast track and trampettes to perfect and develop core strength and a number of gymnastics elements.